MBC Reveals Why Han Seo Hee Could Not Be Investigated Properly Regarding B.I’s Scandal

Here’s why she wasn’t investigated.

MBC has revealed during their news segment one of the reasons why Han Seo Hee was never properly investigated during her drug scandal with B.I in 2016.

On August 30, 2016, Han Seo Hee reversed her statement about her involvement with B.I The next day, the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office received their report on the police’s investigation into B.I’s alleged involvement with drugs and Han Seo Hee’s statement reversal.

The prosecution only summoned Han Seo Hee for investigations one time, but not a single report was created about the investigation, and one prosecution official revealed why.

At the time of the investigations, Han Seo Hee cried so much that we could not carry out our investigation properly.

— Prosecution official

After this incident, prosecution never called back Han Seo Hee or B.I for investigation, but that’s also because police were conducting their own separate investigation. After sending the case to prosecution, the police continued to investigate B.I independently for 6 months until March 2017, and the investigations ended without a result.

The investigation had to be internal because we handed over all our data related to B.I to the prosecution.

— Police Investigator

Ultimately in the end, both the police and the prosecution never investigated B.I properly.

Source: MBC

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