MBC Set To Feature Real Celebrity Couples In New Romance Variety Show

Which couples do you think will guest on the show?

MBC has announced their new variety show which will feature real-life celebrity couples and how they live their daily lives.

The show will be titled If You’re Envious, You Lose and will describe the love story and everyday lives of celebrity couples. On the show, the couples will share their thoughts about romance, love, and even marriage.

This show was specifically designed to focus on celebrity couples who are not yet married, focusing on the idea of a real romance entertainment show.

The show is scheduled to premiere in March, and some of the cast members who are participating are already filming their segments. It has been reported that one couple appearing on the show are both idols, who gained more attention after revealing their relationship to the public. In addition, there will also be an actor who reveals their significant other for the first time, as they have never revealed their non-celebrity significant other before. Finally, there will be a couple who have never uploaded a picture with each other since the reveal of their relationship, that will appear on the show.

Check out the first teaser for the show below:

Source: Sports Donga