MBC Will Reportedly Cancel This Chuseok’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

It will not happen this year.

MBC will reportedly be cancelling this year’s Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) due to the Covid-19 situation and their desire to focus on Wild Idol.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, MBC will not be producing the 2021 Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) due to the on-going Covid-19 situation in Korea, specifically within the greater Seoul region. Since the event requires a large number of people to gather in one area, there is increased burden on the organizers to maintain personal safety. Last year, instead of track and field sports, MBC decided to hold an e-sports competition and a puppy version, both without spectators.

Instead, MBC will be focusing on their newest program, Wild Idol, where contestants will compete in battles of stamina, skill, and potential in an outdoor setting as they fight for a spot in an unannounced debut lineup.

MBC has yet to confirm Sports Seoul’s report.

Source: Sports Seoul