MBC’s New Show Will Have K-Pop’s Top Idols Re-Train Less Famous Ones

MBC has plans to air a new program where popular and more experienced idols will train and produce lesser known idols.

“Under PD Jeong Chang Young’s direction, there will be a program where idols who are skilled in production will produce other idols.”

— Industry insider

With more and more broadcasting agencies and entertainment labels producing their own survival shows, MBC has also decided to join in.

Currently, KBS is preparing a program called “The Unit” where debuted idols will compete to form a sub-unit group…

Image Source: Starcast

…while YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are also working towards their own trainee survival shows.

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YG Entertainment’s New Survival Show Will Feature Non-Trainees Too

MBC’s new idol training show is set to air sometime at the end of November.

Source: Ilgan Sports