MBK Entertainment reveals members of their upcoming girl group

MBK Entertainment, home of T-ARA and SPEED,  has unveiled the three members of their upcoming girl group.

On June 4th, the agency shared personal photos of the three members: Lee Jenny, Baek Ye Bin, and Eunice.

First member Jenny is known to have a lovely singing voice in addition to being an excellent actress. Baek Ye Bin, on the other hand, has an excellent singing voice and is quite charming. Finally, Eunice is a well-rounded member with talents in singing and dancing and is also fluent in Japanese.

Initially, the girl group members were to be chosen through a survival show, similar to YG Entertainment‘s WIN and MIX & MATCH and Starship Entertainment‘s NO.MERCY. However, it was finally determined that the agency would pick its members through a non-survival process within the company.

MBK Entertainment further reveals that the currently unnamed group is preparing for their debut in August.

Source: Sports Donga

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