MBLAQ’s Mir apologizes following Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure

Following Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure from J.Tune Camp, MBLAQ’s maknae Mir took the time to write an apologetic message for all A+s through the group’s official fan cafe.

On December 16th, following the news of Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure, Mir wrote on the fan cafe to express his thoughts regarding the sudden situation, starting off with “Hello, this is Mir.

In the post, Mir expresses, “I am very sorry that our fans have had to hear this bad news all of a sudden. We were also very taken aback after seeing the reports online, as we had been concerned on how we should let you all know. I want to apologize for the fact that you had to receive the news from an outside source.

He continues, “Since it is a path that they have chosen for themselves, I don’t think badly about it, and the reason for their departure actually has nothing to do with the rumors of discord within the group. Ever since our trainee days, our hearts have been in the same place for six years. Simply, the only difference is our own choices.

Mir then concluded with, “I’m just holding my cell phone, unable to write anything more,” adding, “The only thing that I can possibly say is I’m sorry, and once everything gets resolved, I will greet you once again with the members.

In related news, J.Tune Camp has also released a statement commenting on Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure, along with providing news regarding the three-member group’s future promotions.

Source: TV Report

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