MBN Reveals Identities of All 8 Hidden Camera Chatroom Members

All 8 members were revealed.

In an exclusive report, MBN has revealed the identities of all 8 members of the original hidden camera chatroom.


The revealed 8 members are as follows:

  1. Seungri (formerly of BIGBANG)
  2. Jung Joon Young
  3. Choi Jonghoon (formerly of FTISLAND)
  4. Yoo In Suk, also known as Mr. Yoo, former CEO of Yuri Holdings
  5. Mr. Kim, former club MD
  6. A relative of a girl group member (referred to as Mr. A)
  7. An unnamed former employee at YG Entertainment (referred to as Mr. B)
  8. A friend of Jung Joon Young’s, who appeared with him on a travel program (referred to as Mr. C)

Note: The source article, when originally published, stated that the relative of the girl group member was Mr. Kwon, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s brother. This has since been edited out of the article.


Based on MBN’s investigations and report, Yong Junhyung and Lee Jonghyun were not a part of the original chatroom, and instead part of a separate one with Jung Joon Young, and some of the members of the original chatroom.

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While Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung were not a part of the most problematic chatroom, they are not without fault, and both idols have apologized for their actions.

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Source: Osen

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