MC Mong Clarifies That He Never Dissed T.O.P, Alleged Lyrics Were Never Meant For Him

He sets the record straight.

MC Mong has clarified all rumors surrounding his latest music release.

On October 25, MC Mong released his new album CHANNEL 8, with title track “Fame”. The lyrics in the song were interpreted to be a diss about T.O.P, and online communities were abuzz with speculations.

MC Mong, has since come forward to deny all claims of a diss against the BIGBANG member. On October 29, MC Mong uploaded a picture to his Instagram story, in which he sets the record straight by stating that the lyrics are not dissing T.O.P, and that he never thought of T.O.P once while writing the lyrics. He also stated that he has never had feelings of hatred for him either.


I have never even thought about T.O.P and have not for even a second hated him. I don’t diss anyone, and why would I? I am saying this again.   —MC Mong


The two have a long history, for before debuting with BIGBANG, T.O.P trained under MC Mong’s agency.

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