MC Mong Under Fire for a Support Message He Sent to His “Hoobae” Girl Group

The message is under scrutiny due to his past controversy in 2010.

An Instagram account for a food truck company recently shared the news of hip-hop artist, MC Mong showing his support for his “hoobae” girl group, NATURE.

Along with a photo of the food truck that MC Mong sent for his “hoobaes”, the caption reads,

Catering on the set of girl group, NATURE’s music video! Singer MC Mong called for a support truck!!! So we catered food and drinks for the occasion.


But what gained particular attention was the banner that MC Mong added to the truck, which read,

If you don’t succeed this time, go to the military!

– MC Mong

Regarding the joke, the catering company simply commented,

They’re a girl group though.


But netizens criticized him for the remark because of his past controversy of having evaded his mandatory military service.

Back in 2010, MC Mong was suspected of intentionally extracting his teeth in order to avoid serving in the military.

Furthermore, he was indicted without detention for postponing his military enlistment 7 times.

While the court ruled that it was difficult to prove that MC Mong intentionally had his teeth extracted to evade military enlistment, he was sentenced to probation for obstruction of justice.

Following the controversy, MC Mong took some time off before releasing his 8th album last year and topping the charts regardless of his past.

Source: Dispatch