Media Outlet Gives ARMYs Waiting For BTS’s Jimin A Show During An Airport Livestream

The reporter exposed their undercover ARMY status.

BTS‘s Jimin was spotted at Incheon Airport on March 13, departing for a personal schedule in New York.

BTS’s Jimin at Incheon Airport on March 13, 2023.

He turned the airport into his own personal runway as soon as he arrived. Following what Vogue predicts to be 2023’s “biggest fashion trend,” Jimin rocked a “quiet luxury” outfit, wearing a monochromatic black outfit with a Dior Mini Gallop bag and Tiffany & Co.’s $24,000 USD T1 wide diamond-hinged bangle in 18k white gold.

BTS’s Jimin with his low-key luxury accessories.

His kind and caring personality are what really stole the show as he took time to graciously greet media and ARMYs who had gathered to see him off before his trip.

Just as quickly as Jimin left, he returned, and once again ARMYs and media waited to welcome him home.

One media outlet, in particular, caught netizens’ attention as they kept ARMYs, who were turning into Jimin’s grand return virtually, entertained.

BTS’s Jimin on March 19, returning from his overseas schedules.

The media outlet, Star Pic, took their live broadcast to the next level.

Airport livestreams often begin hours in advance as reporters eagerly set up their cameras to capture the best content for their media outlets. Star Pic began their broadcast four hours and fifty minutes before Jimin’s arrival.

The reporter exposed themself as an undercover ARMY and knew exactly how to keep fellow ARMYs entertained during the long wait.

The reported played videos of Jimin and showed off photo cards and fan projects during the livestream, including a performance of “Filter” and Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” music video.

ARMYs noticed the effort and showed their appreciation for the sweet gesture made by Star Pic.

This isn’t the first time a Star Pic reporter showed their ARMY status during an airport livestream. Check out more in the article below!

BTS Jimin’s Arrival At Incheon Airport Gains Attention After The Most Unexpected Actions From An Unexpected Fanboy

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