Media Reports Former KARA Member Gyuri As The Idol Who Went Clubbing In Itaewon Without A Mask

She went clubbing with no mask during the pandemic.

A media outlet has reported that former KARA member Park Gyuri is the idol in question who went clubbing in Itaewon without a mask during the recommended social distancing period in Seoul.

According to an informant speaking to Wikitree, Park Gyuri was present at one of the clubs that a confirmed carrier of Coronavirus was also at.

Park Gyuri visited an Itaewon club during the recommended social distancing period. She was there the same day as the patient from Yongin.

— Informant

In the video provided by the informant to Wikitree, Park Gyuri appeared to be dancing to one of KARA’s songs that was playing. In the video, she was not wearing a mask. At the time of her visit, the Government was set to lift the restriction on social distancing on May 5.

Currently, her agency, Creative Flower, is trying to verify the contents of the report.

During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in South Korea, Park Gyuri donated 10,000 masks to Daegu’s Dongsan Medical Center to help the cause. After a week of very limited local spread of Coronavirus ranging from 0-3 local cases per day, there have been 85 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus tied to Itaewon clubs. The cases are spread nationwide, even reaching Busan and Jeju Island.

Source: Wikitree and Sports Seoul