Meet The 2 Half-Black Contestants On Mnet’s New Survival Show, “CAP-TEEN”

Here’s what we know about Bae Yujin and Francisca.

Two contestants on Mnet‘s new survival audition show, CAP-TEEN, are attracting attention for their ethnic background. Both teens are half-Korean and half-Black, and here’s what we know about them.

Mnet is famous for some of the biggest survival shows around, from I-LAND to Produce 101. Now, the network is launching a new audition show for everyday teens with K-Pop dreams.

“Produce 101” season 1 | Mnet

In the vein of K-Pop Star, CAP-TEEN will pit contestants aged 11 to 19 against each other, all competing with the hope of debuting in the winning group. The group is expected to be signed to CJ E&M upon winning, but Mnet is yet to confirm how long it will remain active after debut.

After closing applications last month, Mnet revealed the final lineup for CAP-TEEN this week. And, of all the applicants, two are standing out for their unique heritage: both Bae Yujin and Francisca are half-Black, half-Korean.

Bae Yujin is a 19-year-old girl from Gyeonggi who joined CAP-TEEN with the aim of becoming a singer.

| Mnet

Yujin, whose nickname is “Baby Ostrich”, actually already has a little fame under her belt—she’s a teen model with over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Yujin also appeared on MBC‘s Oh! My Part, You earlier this year.

Some of the hashtags Yujin chose to express herself in her profile included #Dolly, #CardiB, and #PrincessTiana. Her hobbies are singing and watching movies and American dramas.

In her first audition video for the show, Yujin sang Yoon Mi Rae‘s “Always” from the Descendants of the Sun soundtrack.

Francisca is a 19-year-old practical music student at the renowned School of Performing Arts Seoul who joined CAP-TEEN with the aim of ending her teenage years meaningfully.

Francisca, whose nickname is “Pretty”, doesn’t appear to have any previous work in the industry, but she definitely has the talent.

Some of the hashtags Francisca used to describe herself in her profile include #QueenOfPositivity and #INeedToDiet, and she told viewers her hobbies are eating and singing.

In her first audition for the show, Francisca sang Shakira‘s “Try Everything”.

While there are several mixed-race K-Pop idols with half-white backgrounds (such as soloist Somi and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon), very few singers in the industry have Black ancestry. Yoon Mi Rae is one of them, born to a Korean mother and African-American father.

Yoon Mi Rae with her husband, Tiger JK.

As such, many K-Pop fans are already cheering on the diverse participants.

CAP-TEEN is set to premiere on Mnet in November. Until then, see more of Bae Yujin and Francisca here:

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