Meet the Famous BJ Who Bought Three Boxes of TWICE’s New Album

That’s some dedication.

The famous BJ, Bogyum of Africa TV proved what a big TWICE fan he really is.

Late last year, Bogyum uploaded a picture of himself with the caption:

“I bought a s*** ton of TWICE’s CD. I’m going to their concert!”

The photo shows Bogyum with countless albums packed in three boxes.

There appeared to be at least a hundred albums in front of him.

TWICE’s fans had an opportunity to go to their fan meeting if they bought a “Yes or Yes’ album.

The more you bought, the higher the chances were of getting to go.

It appears that Bogyum bought boxes full of albums to increase his chances as a mega fan.

Before this, Bogyum even joined the ONCE fan club.

That’s not all. He once handed out 200 “What Is Love” albums in order to spread his love of TWICE.

Source: Insight


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