Meet Winnie Zhong, The Genius Chinese-African Trainee Competing On “Produce Camp 2020”

She has it all, from visuals to smarts.

Winnie Zhong, also known by her Chinese name Zhong Feifei, is a Chinese-Congolese trainee competing on China’s idol audition program Produce Camp 2020.

Winnie Zhong was born on May 12, 1996 to a Chinese mother and a Congolese father. She spoke a multitude of languages while growing up, resulting in her being able to speak four languages: Chinese, English, Swahili, and French.

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She was also a model student while she studied at Boston University and Johns Hopkins University. At Johns Hopkins University, she is a graduate student and she is studying Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. She was the youngest person in her graduate program, where the average age was in the late 20’s.

According to her profile released by her agency, Eggwood Culture, she enjoys things like reading and drawing, and taking foot baths. She also likes to drink hazelnut lattes.

While she was in school, she was a victim of racist comments due to her curly hair and darker skin. This caused her to even try to perm her hair straight, in an attempt to fit in and feel less like a foreigner. However, as she grew older, she thought that the idea of looking similar to her classmates so they would treat her as an equal was absurd, and returned to her natural, curly hair.

She was also the target of negative comments from Chinese netizens on her Weibo account, especially following her announcement to join Produce Camp 2020 as a trainee. Netizens have left hate comments such as the N-word on her posts.

However she has also been receiving a tremendous amount of support, especially from overseas fans. Her Instagram has been filled with support comments cheering her on.

While her official position is unknown still, initial rumors have her ranked in the lowest grade of trainees (comparable to Rank F in Produce 101 series). Many of her fans are hoping to see her rise the ranks, and even make her official debut.

Source: ZFFpics and Weibo
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