BTS Gave Megan Thee Stallion The Cutest Gift When They Met, And It Proves They Are Friendship Goals


After BTS released the remix version of their track “Butter” with American rapper and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion, fans couldn’t get enough of the collaboration.

Many also wanted to see the two acts interact but didn’t think it was possible due to the pandemic. They finally met during their recent trip to New York for the UN General Assembly, and fans couldn’t get enough!

Megan Thee Stallion with BTS | @theestallion/ Instagram

After Megan posted the first pictures, she returned to Instagram with some more stunning images. Yet, there was one that stood out the most, and it was one of a very familiar face! In the picture was a plushie and, in particular, the BT21 ‘Baby Koya’ plushie, which represents leader RM!

BT21 Baby Koya plushie | @theestallion/ Instagram

When ARMYs saw the picture, they took to social media to see how Megan had got one. One user sent Megan a tweet saying, “DID THEY GIVE YOU A BABY KOYA PLUSH AS A GIFT!” As expected, the BTS members are always gentlemen as she replied, “Yes, so cuteee.”

However, it seems as if the gift might not have been for Megan but her adorable French bulldog 4oe. On his personal Instagram, 4oe posted a picture of himself surrounded by BTS’s V and Jimin and along with another shot of Megan holding the plushie with the caption, “I just feel like the gifts were for me not her….

Megan Thee Stallion dog 4oe with BTS | @frenchie40/ Instagram
| @frenchie40/ Instagram

Whether or not the gifts were for Megan or 4oe, it was still a very cute gesture from the members, and there will be a lot of ARMYs very jealous about the gift!

Hopefully, with the world slowly getting back to normal, BTS and Megan can have more adorable reactions and maybe even perform the track together! You can watch the remix version of “Butter” below.

Source: @theestallion