Member Of BigHit Music’s Trainee A Under Fire For Including Misogynistic And Insensitive Lyrics In His Rap

“I don’t know why or how anyone thinks it’s ok..”

A member of BigHit Music‘s Trainee A has recently come under fire from netizens for writing some insensitive and misogynistic lyrics.

Leo | @_trainee_a/Instagram

The member, Leo, had taken part in a rap battle that was posted to Trainee A’s official YouTube channel in November 2021. In it, Leo wrote a rap to the instrumental track of Playboi Carti‘s “Stop Breathing,” though his lyrics were different from the original song’s.

The video showed Leo rapping lyrics such as “F*ck that hoe in my bank, yeah that sh*t stopped breathing” and “ain’t nobody gon’ tell me why that b*tch stopped breathing.”

Leo discussed the rap battle and his thinking at the time in a self-filmed log. He explained that he had been feeling angry around that time, and had tapped into that feeling when writing the lyrics, which he had written on the spot.

But netizens are dissatisfied with this explanation, pointing out that, at 19, he is old enough to understand what the problem is, particularly since some of the lyrics also appear to have made mention of slavery, which is a highly sensitive subject. Additionally, they believe the fact that Leo is Australian means it is unlikely that there were translation issues or misunderstandings involved.

In the self-filmed parts of the video, Leo himself asks fans to not mind the lyrics. He said, “Please don’t mind the lyrics too much. Rather than focusing on the lyrics this time, it’s about the overall vibe.”

Fans of Leo and Trainee A have been left confused as it is difficult to excuse his actions, while most of the criticism has come from international fans. BigHit Music also seems to be aware of the issue, as the video has since been set to private and is no longer available on YouTube.