The Members Of aespa Prove To Be The Cutest Fans At NCT 127’s “THE LINK+” Concert

“Karina got caught enjoying the song.”

The members of aespa were spotted once again at NCT 127‘s concert, this time proving that they were the cutest fans in attendance!

Aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, the largest venue in South Korea, NCT 127’s THE LINK+ proved to be a must-see event. It was attended by many members of the “SM family,” including SHINee‘s Minho, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Lee Soo Man, and Jeno and Renjun of NCT DREAM.

NCT 127 with SHINee’s Minho and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @NCTsmtown/Twitter
NCT 127 with aespa and SM Entertainment family | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Since aespa previously attended NCT 127’s concert in the US, perhaps it’s no surprise that NCTzens in the audience spotted them once again in Seoul.

In fact, like the other SM Entertainment artists, they were introduced as special guests by NCT 127.

Giselle immediately had MYs jealous as she sent hearts to fans in the audience…

…while Winter proved she had come very much prepared for the outdoor concert.

Footage from audience members showed that the aespa looked like they were having lots of fun…

…which proved to be true when Karina was inadvertently shown on the big screen. She had clearly been enjoying herself, but as soon as she saw herself she covered her mouth in embarrassment, making MYs gush over her adorable reaction.

And it wasn’t just her. Winter, also hilariously did her best to hide her face from the camera!

NingNing was also seen happily enjoying herself. And in fact, she even had netizens laughing when, instead of getting a birthday live stream from her, they found out she was at NCT 127’s concert (though she held her first birthday live stream on Instagram later).

As someone who has actually worked with NCT before, it makes sense that Giselle was also there to support them as a friend. Fans couldn’t get enough of it when she motioned the choreography for “2 Baddies,” which is NCT 127’s latest title track, when Doyoung introduced them.

All in all, aespa seemed to enjoy the performance so NCTzens are now expressing their gratefulness to the members for showing their support for NCT 127!

Now that aespa is hinting at their own big concert…

…hopefully, we’ll see NCT coming to support them in the same way.

In the meantime, read further about aespa attending NCT 127’s Newark concert (and reacting to it in the most iconic way) right here!

Aespa Were Spotted At NCT 127’s Concert In Newark, And Fans Are Loving Karina’s Reportedly Iconic Reaction To Johnny’s Solo Stage

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