Aespa Were Spotted At NCT 127’s Concert In Newark, And Fans Are Loving Karina’s Reportedly Iconic Reaction To Johnny’s Solo Stage

After all, he didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The members of aespa were spotted among the audience at NCT 127‘s Newark concert, leaving fans amused at their reactions to some of the more risque performances, especially Karina’s reaction to Johnny’ solo stage.

Aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter
NCT 127’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

NCT 127 have been carrying out their long-awaited tour of the US, where they have been able to meet fans in multiple appearances ranging from concerts to TV shows such as The Jennifer Hudson Show.

NCT 127 and Jennifer Hudson | Chris Millard/Warner Bros

Everywhere they go they have impressed with their performances. But as perfect as their group stages are, the members’ solo stages have proven to be truly attention-grabbing. From Jaehyun‘s soulful “Lost” to Johnny‘s steamy dance, there’s no doubt NCT 127 have made lasting impressions.

Coincidentally, the members of aespa were also booked to perform in the US this week. They participated in KAMP LA 2022 (where they showed off their unrivaled visuals), but not before first making an almost equally memorable stop in New York.

Aespa in New York | @aespa_official/Twitter

As it turns out, aespa were there long enough to be able to attend NCT 127’s concert in Newark. Fans were excited to see KarinaWinter and NingNing watching the show.

Journalist Jeff Benjamin also confirmed that the aespa members attended the concert in support of their fellow SM Entertainment artists.

The news was exciting, seeing as only a few lucky fans were able to sit near aespa while watching NCT 127 (basically hitting two birds with one stone).

Some, however, managed to catch NingNing’s uniquely adorable laugh.

Karina had netizens amused as she updated her Bubble in the middle of the concert, telling MYs that it was making her want to hold an aespa concert too…

…and as NCT 127 staged their sexy performances, fans couldn’t help joking about what aespa were about to witness.

And as it turns out, Johnny’s stage also made an impression on them. According to some attendees, Karina got real shy as she watched Johnny’s “strip show,” and fans loved her unexpected reaction.

Cute as it was, however, other audience members couldn’t really relate…

After all, Johnny didn’t leave much to the imagination throughout this tour—and that hasn’t gone unappreciated.

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