Aespa Have Even Non-Fans Simping Over Their Stunning IRL Visuals At “KAMP LA 2022”

They are true showstopping queens!

Aespa are proving to be major stan-attractors with their recent performance at KAMP LA 2022, and it’s easy to see why.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Ever since their debut, aespa have been known as a group of all-rounders. With strong choreographies, impressive live vocals and undeniable stage presence, the four members have consistently proven that they deserve to be considered leaders of their generation.

Aespa at Givenchy fashion show in Paris as brand ambassadors

In fact, even at Coachella, arguably the biggest music event of the year, they still proved to be the main attraction, earning praise for their live vocals and their hard work even from one of the event’s directors.

Now, aespa are once again blowing minds as they perform in Los Angeles. Because, in addition to being insanely talented, they are also a group of visuals! As the members took to the stage at KAMP LA 2022, they showed off how unreal they look in person.

| @yukariqna/Twitter

Karina gained praise for her impressive physique and her irresistible charisma…

While fans swooned over Winter and NingNing

…even when they were only drinking water.

And even wardrobe malfunctions couldn’t stop Giselle from shining!

Eye contact with the members proved to be lethal for some MYs—something not altogether hard to understand.

In fact, the members’ visuals in real life proved to be so stunning that they had even non-fans simping after them.

Just like when they attended Paris Fashion Week as brand ambassadors for Givenchy, aespa proved to be the main event as they won new fans over to their side!


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