Coachella Director’s Reaction To aespa’s Performance Showcases Their True Talent And Work Ethic

She spilled on what it was like working with them!

Girl group aespa has recently been taking over the internet after their recent performance at Coachella 2022.

The members of aespa at Coachella | @aespa_official/ Instagram

Even before they stepped on the plane, the girls caught the attention of fans with their charming personalities and flawless visuals.

Of course, their performance was the main talking event, and the members proved a lot of people wrong with their amazing on-stage presence and their live vocals.

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They even caught the attention of locals worldwide as both those attending and netizens watching online couldn’t help but praise the members. In particular, NingNing gained the nickname “The Blonde Girl,” as locals wanted to know who she was.

Netizens and fans of aespa might always be biased when it comes to showcasing their love for the group. Yet, the staff who worked with the group and helped to organize the show have also been showcasing their love and respect for the group.

In particular, one of the associate directors for the event Holly Pearson recently gained attention for a post showcasing what it was like during the group’s performance of “Savage.”

Coachella associate director Holly Pearson | @hollzinhollywood/ Instagram

The post had the subheading, “If you wondered how aespa at Coachella was cued live.” While the group was performing, Holly seemed extremely excited as she tried to keep calm during the performance. In particular, the captions explained, “Those live vocals were insane.

Considering how much both locals and netizens have been praising aespa for their live vocals, it isn’t hard to see why she felt the same. Throughout the set, the members put in their hearts and souls to prove the haters wrong with their live vocal abilities.

If that wasn’t enough, Holly’s reaction to the members’ performance also showcased their work ethic. As she danced along to the track, the caption proved that, despite only debuting in 2020, the group continues to make an impact on all the staff. Holly explained, “These ladies worked so hard and they were amazing.

When the video was shared on social media by an aespa fan, netizens loved seeing the behind-the-scenes clips from the performance, but also someone in a high position cheering the group along during their set.

The video showcases that not only are aespa extremely talented on the stage but their personality and work ethic shouldn’t be disregarded either. Even though they’re all so young, aespa continues to wow global fans with their talent and dedication to K-Pop.

You can read more about the group making an impact during Coachella 2022 below.

Aespa’s NingNing Goes Viral Amongst Locals After The Group’s Appearance At Coachella 2022

Source: @hollzinhollywood

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