Aespa’s NingNing Goes Viral Amongst Locals After The Group’s Appearance At Coachella 2022

Her vocals and visuals earned her a nickname!

Although Coachella is known as a global event, it seems like it has definitely cemented its status as a “K-Pop Festival.” Whether it was the unexpected reunion of 2NE1, GOT7‘s Jackson literally causing a meltdown with his performance, or BLACKPINK‘s Jennie stunning with her visuals, K-Pop took over once again.

One group that recently joined that list after their performance at the festival is aespa!

aespa | SM Entertainment

The group wowed global crowds with their performance on the main stage, showcasing their visuals, talent, and unrivaled charisma to the crowds.

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK
| SM Entertainment

Although all the members seemed to gain attention through the past few days, one member, in particular, seemed to gain attention from the locals (those who aren’t fans of K-Pop), and it was none other than the youngest member NingNing.

aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/ Twitter

Since arriving in America, NingNing has sent netizens into meltdown with her dazzling and unedited visuals. Of course, her newly blonde hair was also the talk of the K-Pop world as the idol looked gorgeous, whether she was at Incheon Airport on the way to the festival or just hanging out with celebs during Coachella.

NingNing in Los Angeles. | @aespa_official/Instagram

Well, it seems like during the performance, NingNing gained the attention of everyone watching and those unfamiliar with the group all wanted to know, “Who is that blonde girl?” Whether it was because of NingNing’s vocals or visuals, everyone seemed to want to know who she was.

| @aecespa_/ Twitter

As expected, some of the images shared of NingNing during the performance were dazzling.

Not only did they showcase her undeniable visuals and charisma on stage but also reflected just how talented she is, especially after the group was praised for their live vocals.

When a tweet was shared about NingNing’s influence, netizens couldn’t get over the impact the young idol was having during the performance.

Although the event has finished, K-Pop has definitely made its mark on Coachella and aespa was no exception. With the world slowly going back to normal, it hopefully won’t be the first or last time that Coachella gets taken over by K-Pop.

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