The members of BEAST will make their first comeback as Highlight sooner than expected

Insiders have confirmed that they are preparing for a March comeback with a new album.

After confirming their new group name on the 24, Highlight is now reportedly preparing for their first comeback under their new name, Highlight. Industry insiders have come forward to say, “Highlight has confirmed that they will be releasing a new album around mid-March.

The group is actually looking at their new album and subsequent promotions as a debut, not a comeback. Highlight member Yong Junhyung will be taking the role of producing the album and will do his best to create music that represents all five of the members.


Highlight is also looking to get rid of the nickname “Yoon-Yong-Yang’s hands”, named after Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung, and Yang Yoseob, who were the members who got the most focus within BEAST. With their new group name, the members are looking for a new start to their careers.

Source: Osen