Members of HI SUHYUN enjoy an amusement park date

Lee Hi has been filled with happiness since Lee Suhyun of Akdong Musician joined YG Entertainment, and while in disguise, the HI SUHYUN members have been out and about, enjoying amusement park dates.

On November 14th, Lee Hi revealed that she has been lonely because she did not have many friends, but ever since Suhyun joined YG Entertainment, she has been, “very happy.” 

I like staying home, but Suhyun loves going out. She wanted to go to the amusement park one day, so we decided to disguise ourselves by covering up as best as we could and went,” she said.

Lee Hi continued saying, “I was really lonely before because I didn’t really have friends here, but ever since Suhyun joined, she follows me around saying, ‘Unnie, Unnie,’ so I’m very happy.”

Lee Hi and Suhyun have been doing extremely well since the debut of their sub-unit, HI SUHYUN. The duo released their debut song, “I’m Different,” featuring IKON‘s Bobby on November 11th, and is now in the process of shooting the music video for “I’m Different.”

 Source: TV Report