Here’s Why Four Men Were Ruled Innocent After Dragging A Severely Drunk Woman From A Club To A Motel

The four men dragged the woman to a faraway motel where one of them reportedly raped her.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

MBC Newsdesk reported that despite the fact that four male suspects dragged a severely drunk woman from a Hongdae club to a motel in Gyeonggi-do where the woman claims one of the men raped her, the court ruled the suspects innocent.

Back in 2017, CCTV footage showed the four men dragging the drunk woman out of the car at 6 in the morning.

Despite the woman appearing so drunk that she couldn’t walk on her own, the four men dragged her to a motel room where only one of the men remained.

Upon waking up the next morning, the woman claimed that all of her clothes were taken off and despite strongly resisting, she was raped multiple times.

However, the four suspects were not prosecuted for the following reasons and it’s making headlines all over the country.

1. The woman didn’t ask to be saved immediately after the incident.

2. After coming out of the motel, the woman drank a beverage that the man bought her.

3. She only reported the incident to the police two days afterward.

– MBC Newsdesk

It was only after numerous objections that the man was handed over to the court for attempted quasi-rape, but he was ruled innocent in both trials.

Regarding the ruling, the court stated,

It’s clear that the woman was in a state where she couldn’t protest, but it’s difficult to prove that the man intended to use her drunken state to his advantage to rape her.

– Department of Justice

Following the ruling, the female victim expressed, “I made the difficult decision to report it, and despite waiting for three years, the law went with the side of the culprits.


In response, multiple women’s organizations in Korea are criticizing both the investigative authority as well as the court for not acting in the face of clear evidence.

Source: Dispatch