Mental Health America Thanks ARMY For Being Outstanding Advocates

ARMYs have used their influence to promote mental health awareness.

Mental Health America is praising BTS fans for promoting mental health awareness, following ARMY‘s participation in Minority Mental Health Month.


Throughout July, Mental Health America is seeking to draw attention to mental health, especially issues among minorities, in order to open minds and raise awareness.


BTS has never shied away from discussing mental health and other tough topics in their music. Songs like “Tomorrow” and “Spring Day” have given many listeners the strength, comfort, and hope needed to make it through their darkest times.


The members themselves have been open about their struggles, to let fans know that they are not alone in their fight.


In particular, Suga‘s solo work as Agust D has revealed his inner battles. His song “The Last” delves into mental health issues like depression, social phobia, and seeking help.


Mental Health America is promoting mental health awareness through the #MinorityMentalHealth and #ICanWithSchizophrenia hashtags. BTS fans jumped on this bandwagon soon after Janssen, a large pharmaceutical company, promised to donate $1 to Mental Health America for every retweet.


It’s only the second week of July, but ARMY has already retweeted the #ICanWithSchizophrenia hashtag thousands of times.


On July 9 (aka ARMY Day), Mental Health America thanked ARMYs for their contribution, and added, “We hope [BTS] is as proud of your as we are”.


The organization also thanked several other contributors while using a sweet Jimin gif.


In response to the praise, ARMYs cited BTS as their inspiration. They praised the group for speaking out about mental health in their music, and mentioned their good works.


This isn’t the first time ARMYs have used their massive influence to raise money for charities or advocate for those in need. They have also raised funds for animal conservation, disadvantaged children, UNICEF, and more.

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Awesome work, ARMY! We’re proud of you too!