Mental Health Experts Agree It May Be Helpful To Call The Itaewon Tragedy The 10/29 Tragedy To Reduce Trauma

Experts are preparing a position regarding the name change after the mourning period ends.

Recently, MBC news stated they would use the expression “October 29 tragedy” rather than the “Itaewon tragedy.” Among mental health experts, there is a public opinion that it might be helpful to change the name to overcome the trauma caused by the tragic event.

Recently, the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association and Korea Trauma Stress Society announced that the crushing incident used “Itaewon” extensively, possibly stimulating more trauma symptoms. The president of the Korea Trauma Stress Society stated, “There is an opinion among members that changing the name to ’10/29 disaster’ can help relieve trauma. After the mourning period, we will prepare our position at the academic level through the board of directors meeting.”

As the mourning period ends on the morning of November 6 kST, the joint memorial location is being taken down. | Yeonhap

In the case of the United States, after the 2002 World Trade Center terrorist attack in New York, it was initially expressed as the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Since then, the term has been unified and used as the 9/11 terrorist attack, excluding the location’s name.

Shopping malls around the Itaewon disaster stay closed during the national mourning period. | Seoul News

Psychiatrists generally agree with this opinion. A professor at Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital stated, “People who are traumatized after a disaster can increase their anxiety and fear just by mentioning the location of the accident site on social media. It is helpful to remove the place of the name and express it as the 10/29 disaster.”

The president of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association stated, “The ‘Itaewon disaster’ may cause prejudice or stigma about the area of Itaewon, and there may be side effects in overcoming trauma. We plan to collect internal opinions on changing the name to the ’10/29 disaster’.”

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