MERS claims 7th life with 8 more confirmed cases including first teenager

In a recent update regarding the MERS outbreak in South Korea, reports confirm a sixth and seventh victim has died from the virus as well as eight additional confirmed cases.

The sixth victim was an 80-year old man who tested positive last week after visiting the hospital for pneumonia and the seventh is a 68-year old female who suffered from chronic heart conditions. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, she was at Seoul’s Samsung Medical Center on May 27th and 28th when she came close to a MERS patient.

Samsung Medical Center is also one of the hospitals which have been flagged as a hospital who currently has or has treated MERS patients.

After much pressure due to their lack of transparency with the public regarding which hospital contains MERS patients, the government has released a list which stands to 29 hospitals so far as of June 8th.

In addition, one of the eight additional confirmed cases of MERS, the first teenager has been diagnosed with the virus. Previously, it had been mostly older adults who have been diagnosed with MERS.

According to Korea Herald, the 16-year old was infected after visiting Samsung Medical Center for a surgery procedure for a pre-existing condition, staying with the 14th confirmed MERS patient on May 28th.

The total number of confirmed infected MERS patients has risen to 95 with more than 2,500 people placed under quarantine and more than 1,800 schools closed.

Source: Korea Herald, Wallstreet Journal, and YTN News