Microdot, Sanchez And His Parents Nowhere To Be Found

His house from “I Live Alone” was empty.

Microdot, his parents and his brother, Sanchez are nowhere to be found since his parents’ fraud scandal broke out and they were under investigation.


Microdot became the center of attention in the media when numerous victims spoke up and revealed that they have been scammed by Microdot’s parents.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


As the issue got bigger, leading to the so-called #DebtToo movement, the police took notice and began investigations as well. And while Microdot’s parents previously stated that they would return to Korea and comply with the investigation, their whereabouts are currently unknown.


Moreover, rapper Sanchez (Microdot’s brother) also delayed his new album, which was scheduled to be released on December 6, and apparently disappeared as well.


The program, Access Showbiz Tonight, took it upon themselves to go to Microdot’s house, which appeared on I Live Alone, to look for the star only to hear from multiple sources that he no longer lived there.


A neighbor confessed that she heard Microdot moved and packed his bags at night, leaving only his bicycle.

“I heard they were moving. They said he was packing his bags at night and left only his bicycle…”

ㅡ Neighbor


And a real estate agent confirmed that Microdot’s house was already sold and now belongs to another person.

“That house is sold. He moved out. There’s a new owner now. He put his house for sale. And not long after, they signed a contract. He moved out.”

ㅡ Real estate agent


Microdot, his parents and Sanchez’s whereabouts remain unknown since Interpol became involved in the case 2 weeks ago.

Source: Osen