Underage Middle School Boys Gang Rape a Girl in the Same Grade, Mother of Victim Demands Justice

The mother detailed the horrific crime inflicted upon her young daughter.

A mother recently started a national petition demanding harsh punishment of the underage middle school boys that gang-raped her middle school daughter.

The title of the petition reads, “I’m suing the underage boys that told my daughter, ‘I’m going to kill you’, fed her alcohol, and gang-raped her.

The mother, who shared that she is a mother of two living in Incheon, claimed that her daughter who is a 2nd-year in middle school was gang-raped by boys in the same grade.

I’m a mother of two living in Incheon. Last year, my daughter, who was a 2nd-year in middle school, was a victim of organized gang rape by middle school boys in the same grade.

– Mother

She went on to detail the incident.

Last year on December 23 at around 1 in the morning, the culprits called a close male friend of my daughter’s and demanded that he call out my daughter as well. My daughter thought that if she didn’t go, her male friend would get beat up, so she left after asking another friend to call the police if she didn’t return.

– Mother

And that’s when the assault at an apartment took place.

The culprits told my daughter, ‘I’ll kill you’ and fed her alcohol at their apartment. Once my daughter fainted, they took her to the top of the stairs on the 28th floor where there was no CCTV. In the process, they spat on my daughter’s face and did rock-paper-scissors to decide the order in which they’d rape her.

– Mother

The mother of the victim claimed that the assault led to her daughter needing 3 weeks of treatment at the orthopedics clinic and 2 weeks of treatment at the gynecology clinic.

And the harm didn’t just end there according to the victim’s mother.

The culprits’ friends saw my daughter and chased her on the day of the school violence committee meeting. My daughter ran away, called the police and came straight home. As a result, my daughter cried for hours and tried to harm herself. The culprits told their friends that they fed my daugther alcohol and raped her, and as a result of the rumors spreading, our family had to move houses and schools.

– Mother

For that reason, the mother started the national petition to demand stronger punishment than the one they received for being underage.

Since the boys are underage, they’re currently under juvenile protection. The system of protecting minors that committed crimes and failing to protect the victism need to be reformed.

– Mother

The petition has gained over 60,000 signatures thus far.

Source: Dispatch