Middle Schooler Gets Bullied And Attacked With Acid By A Classmate, School Claims They Can’t Get Involved

“Unfortunately, we cannot get involved.”

A story about a middle schooler getting bullied is making headlines due to its gruesome nature.

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Back in March, it was reported by Sejong News that a middle schooler, A had become the victim of an acid attack by her fellow classmate, B. The story begins during a time period when the students of the middle school were learning about hydrochloric acid and the dangers of the chemical.

It was during this class that the middle schoolers had the opportunity to pour the chemical into test tubes themselves. During this time, student B took the acid in her test tube and poured it directly onto the right arm of her classmate, A. Fortunately enough, A responded quickly and rushed over to the sink, where she washed off as much of the acid as she could. It was reported that due to her quick thinking, she didn’t suffer too many damages.

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After this incident occurred, both students were taken aside by the homeroom teacher where student B was asked to apologize to student A. However, B refused to apologize to A and later sent a threatening message that said, “don’t make this a bigger deal than it is. Tell the teacher that you received an apology from me.”

Once the school became aware of this incident, an investigation was opened regarding school violence and the perpetrator, student B was moved into a different classroom. However, due to the small size of the school, the victim and the perpetrator still saw one another on a daily basis.

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It was further reported that student A had been previously bullied by student B prior to the acid incident. The victim’s family requested that B be transferred to a different school, but the request was denied. An official representing the middle school stated that, “we are aware of the perpetrator’s problems and we also understand the heart of the victim as well. Unfortunately, we cannot get involved and can only accept the given circumstance.”

Source: Insight and theqoo