Mijoo And Actor Lee Yi Kyung Are Alleged To Be Dating After Clip Of Them Together Go Viral

“They are obviously dating.”

A viral video clip of actor Lee Yi Kyung and Mijoo is stirring dating rumors.

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Recently, an Instagram account uploaded a video clip titled “The Clip That Has People Asking If Lee Yi Kyung And Mijoo Are Really Dating.”

The clip is of Mijoo and the actor together during the Circle Chart Music Awards 2022, held in February of this year.

In the clip, Lee Yi Kyung and Mijoo are seen preparing for their appearance on the award show. While standing together, Lee Yi Kyung suddenly extends his hand for Mijoo to hold.

Mijoo then holds the end of the actor’s hands before seemingly caressing the back of Lee Yi Kyung’s hands with her thumb.

Mijoo then holds Lee Yi Kyung’s arms before making their appearance.

Netizens who watched the clip alleged that it was evidence that the two were dating. Many stated that the interaction and tension between the two was an obvious sign.

  • “The fact that his hands are big is so hot.”
  • “Wow, I guess I was in love with Lee Yi Kyung.”
  • “Wow… This is real.”
  • “The tension between them reminds me of Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol at the award show.”
  • “Did Lee Yi Kyung quit Hangout With Yoo because they are dating?”
  • “Ah, they are obviously dating.”
  • “I hope they are really dating.”
  • “Hey, this is real.”
  • “They really seem to be dating… I heard Lee Yi Kyung quit Hangout With Yoo…”
  • “Ah, there’s no way you can do that to just anybody.”
  • “This tension is so real.”

Stay tuned for updates. Watch the clip below.

Source: wikitree
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