Mijoo Directly Addresses The Rumors About Her “Romantic Relationship” With Actor Lee Yi Kyung

Whether it was coincidence or not, the video was released following rumors!

After speculations from netizens that idol Mijoo and actor Lee Yi Kyung are dating, it seems like the rumors have been clarified.

K-Pop idol Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram
Actor Lee Yi Kyung | @luvlk89/Instagram

Earlier in the month, a clip from a recent awards show went viral after an Instagram account uploaded a video clip titled “The Clip That Has People Asking If Lee Yi Kyung And Mijoo Are Really Dating.”

While standing together, Lee Yi Kyung suddenly extends his hand for Mijoo to hold. After looking at the photos, it seems like Mijoo then holds the end of the actor’s hands before seemingly caressing the back of Lee Yi Kyung’s hands with her thumb.

Even recently, the two couldn’t hide their chemistry as the actor appeared in the video for Mijoo’s solo debut track “Movie Star.”

It seems like Mijoo has come out and clarified the rumors and speculations surrounding her relationship with the actor. The actress appeared in a teaser for the upcoming episode of the variety show Problem Child in the House.

Comedian Song Eun Yi spoke about the past comments made by both stars when it came to their “relationship,” particularly referring to the fact that neither of them has denied it.

In particular, there was a speech from 2022 when the actor hilariously explained that he had “No comment” when speaking about the rumors…

However, Mijoo set the record straight. Mijoo seemed adamant that it would never happen, even throwing an “X” in the air with her arms to prove it, as she explained there was a 0% chance that it would ever happen.

The idol then went on to explain that she couldn’t imagine kissing or making any “skinship” with Lee Yi Kyung.

In particular, after Kim Jong Kook shared his stance on skinship, Mijoo explained that being unable to do those things would make dating the actor impossible for her.

Although it’s not certain whether the episode was filmed before or after the rumors, it seems like Mijoo has finally put all the rumors to rest. Mijoo and Yi Kyung seem to have a strong friendship, and hopefully, it will continue.

Source: KBS Entertainment
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