Actor Lee Yi Kyung Responds To Dating Rumors With Mijoo At The Same Event As Their Sexy “Trouble Maker” Cover

He responded in true “Lee Yi Kyung” fashion! 😂

The cast of Hangout With Yoo is extremely diverse and has stars from different parts of the Korean entertainment industry. Two of the cast that has always gained attention for their chemistry are Mijoo (also known as Lee Mijoo) and actor Lee Yi Kyung.

Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram
Actor Lee Yi Kyung | @luvlk89/Instagram

On December 29, the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards took place. During the event, Lee Yi Kyung won the ‘Popularity Award.” After going up to receive the award, the actor hilariously addressed the dating rumors that he has with Mijoo.

In his speech, Lee Yi Kyung hilariously spoke about the fact that when he visited his mother, even she had asked about the nature of his relationship with Mijoo.

After teasing crowds by saying he was going to explain everything, the actor hilariously explained that he had “No comment” and asked fans to continue watching Hangout With Yoo.

Yet, what made the comment even funnier was that during the same show, the duo had fans hot under the collar with their amazing rendition of the iconic song “Trouble Maker.” The sexy song was originally released by HyunA and Hyunseung, gaining attention from fans worldwide.

As expected, Mijoo proved why she is a true idol as she started the performance, showcasing her visuals, charm, and on-stage presence.

When Lee Yi Kyung came out, although many thought the mood would change to showcase his comedic flair, the actor actually showcased his own sexiness and charm.

Of course, the point of this dance is the interactions between the two, and it was definitely heating up so much that even the stars in the crowd couldn’t get enough of the performance. There was also comedy and it created a perfect stage for the event.

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get enough of the performance, and the comments were full of praise for the duo.

Although Lee Yi Kyung didn’t want to comment on the “rumors” of them dating, it just seems like they have the most iconic friendship and the best chemistry on screen.

Source: MBC Entertainment - speech and MBC Entertainment - Performance