A Military Official Responds To Alleged Preferential Treatment For J-Hope’s Enlistment

The military official cleared up the speculations.

On April 18, BTS‘s j-hope enlisted in the military, and on the day of his enlistment, reports suspected that he received preferential treatment.

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On April 21, it was reported that the army provided preferential treatment to j-hope, who entered the Baekho Unit of the 36th Division Recruit Training Center in Wonju, Gangwon Province.

According to the reports, on the day of enlistment, there was an electronic display at the entrance of the Baekho Unit that read, “Only one vehicle may enter the unit.” In addition, vehicles entering and leaving through the entrance were stopped one by one and given a ticket after they provided their notice of enlistment.

Baekho Unit’s entrance reading “Only one vehicle may enter the unit” | Star Today

The reports speculated that j-hope was exempt from the entry regulations as the media saw six cars from his agency HYBE entering the unit.

In response, a military official stated that the one-vehicle notice was not an enforced rule, but it was for safety purposes and that anyone could bring in more than one car if needed.

The one-vehicle notice was for safety control purposes, but there were no guidelines or regulations that were coerced. General soldiers can also enter with multiple vehicles under unavoidable circumstances.

There were no restrictions on how many family members, friends, or guests of enlistment soldiers could enter.

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All of the BTS members accompanied j-hope on his way to enlist, including the currently enlisted Jin, who reportedly took a leave of absence to be there.

Source: Maeil Business Newspaper


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