Min Hee Jin Rebutts HYBE’s Claims That She Had Been Unresponsive To The Audit

HYBE previously launched an audit against her.

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HYBE previously launched an audit against ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin. They sent an official questionnaire to Min and the deputy CEOs of ADOR. HYBE had also requested for her to submit company files and her laptop by April 23, 6pm. Previously, HYBE had claimed that Min was not responding to the audit and had failed to send back the necessary files.

In Min Hee Jin’s latest statement via ADOR on April 24, 2024, she briefly stated that she had already finished the questionnaire within the stipulated deadline and sent it back to HYBE. This goes against HYBE’s claim that she had been unresponsive. She also carefully stated that “she is unable to share the contents of the audit questionnaire,” as with most legal documents. She also emphasized that HYBE had included the clause that “if the contents of the audit are shared externally, it will be dealt with through strong legal action.” Given these circumstances, she declined to comment more on the audit, apart from the fact that she had already sent it to HYBE.

It was previously reported that Min Hee Jin had allegedly been trying to usurp management rights to ADOR from HYBE, leading to HYBE launching an audit against her and the current management board. Min has since denied the claims, citing that she had launched an internal complaint regarding Belift Lab’s plagiarism of NewJeans, and had been met with acausations of trying to usurp power instead. She also denied trying to gain power. More can be read below.

Min Hee Jin Releases Full Statement Regarding ADOR’s Feud With HYBE

Source: Hankyung

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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