Dispatch Reports That Min Hee Jin Paid Back Training Costs For NewJeans’ Members To Source Music

Fans have misunderstood the situation.

It was previously discussed amongst the fans, the matter of Min Hee Jin taking trainees from Source Music. It was widely known that Min Hee Jin was hired to produce a group for Source Music. This was when 4 out of 5 of the NewJeans’ members joined the company. Later on, in 2021, she established ADOR separately, taking with her a few choice trainees.

This was said to be the debut group that Source Music was originally planning, including the four NewJeans’ members. Hyein later joined in 2021, around the time that ADOR was being established.

Many fans had felt that it was unfair of Min Hee Jin to do this. Not only did she take the key trainees from Source Music, she also took some personnel with her to ADOR. Paired with GFRIEND not renewing their contracts with the company, Source Music eventually went into the red. Netizens have been blaming Min Hee Jin for Source Music’s plight, claiming that she forced Source Music to bear the burden of training costs, only to take away their invested trainees.

Dispatch reported that although Min Hee Jin took the members of NewJeans away from Source Music, she had indeed paid back Source Music for the members’ training costs up to then. In a mistranslation, fans mistakenly believed that the “training costs were delivered to Source Music to handle,” when in actual fact, the correct translation of Dispatch’s article should be that the training costs were paid back (delivered/given) to Source Music by ADOR. An example of misinformation can be seen below.

Fans have been reeling at the new piece of news.

Source: Dispatch


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