Mina Surprised Fans By Performing For TWICE’s Fourth Anniversary Fan Meeting


After sitting out of activities and promotions due to her recovery from intense anxiety, TWICE‘s Mina finally stepped foot on stage and surprised fans by performing for their fourth-anniversary fan meeting, ONCE Halloween.

Initially, the plan was to push through with only eight of the members, but Mina chose to perform with the girls in the end. According to Jihyo, she was able to find the courage to perform in front of the fans. ONCEs, in turn, made sure Mina felt loved by cheering loudly for her whenever she sang.

This fan meeting is also the first time Mina joined the girls in performing “Feel Special” live. Though she didn’t dance with the girls, she made sure to give her all by singing.

There were certain moments, like the member’s talking ments, where Mina was not on stage with her members and would stay backstage to rest. During the fan meeting, the staff surprised TWICE with a cake for their anniversary. Instead of blowing the candles out with just eight of them, Sana made sure to bring Mina back on stage so they can blow the candles out together as nine!

Fans were happy to see Mina comfortable and calm during the fan meeting. She was even spotted walking around the stage and waving at fans with a smile on her face!

Of course, her fellow members also made sure to make Mina feel comfortable on stage. It just goes to show how much the girls love and cherish one another!

We missed you dearly, Mina!

Source: TheQoo


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