“Minari” Actress Han Ye Ri Announces Her Recent Marriage


Actress Han Ye Ri has gotten married. While it is more common for idols to announce their marriage before it happens, Han Ye Ri went the other route and informed fans of her new chapter in life post-ceremony.

Her agency, Saram Entertainment, made an official statement on June 9, 2022, to tell fans of the happy news.

Hello. This is Saram Entertainment.

We have happy news to tell you about our agency’s actress Han Ye Ri. Han Ye Ri has met a precious, fated person and made an everlasting vow based on deep trust and love.

The two of them arranged a meeting between the families in Seoul early this year. They only had a small and humble meal and taking into consideration the hard times the pandemic has brought about, they signed off on becoming partners for life without any separate ceremony.

We ask for your benevolent understanding that we could not deliver the news in advance. In addition, Han Ye Ri’s partner is a non-celebrity and we hope that everyone will refrain from over-interest in him.

Han Ye Ri plans on paying [everyone] back through good acting as an actress. We ask for much support and interest. Please congratulate and bless the two on their new start.

— Saram Entertainment

Congratulations to Han Ye Ri and her husband. Han Ye Ri most famously starred in Minari and Hello! My Twenties.

Source: Chosun