“Minari” Actress Yoon Yuh Jung Predicted To Win This Year’s Oscar For “Best Supporting Actress” 

She’s leading the polls by a landslide.

Minari has been taking the world by storm for its plotline, and it looks like that reign is only beginning. While Korean movies have always been remarkable, they are just starting to gain the recognition they deserve overseas. Minari captivated the world with the incredible immigrant story of a Korean family trying to make ends meet living on an Arkansas farm in the 1980s. The film was recognized by several different film academies, even earning them numerous nominations within the U.S.

Poster for “Minari” | A24

Actors Steven Yeun and Yoon Yuh Jung recently made headlines for their nominations at the 93rd Academy Awards. Steven Yeun was nominated for “Best Actor” while Yoon Yuh Jung was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress.” They both made history, as they became the first-ever Korean actors to receive nominations from The Academy.

Steven Yeun (left), Yoon Yuh Jung (right) | A24

As the date for the 93rd Academy Awards approaches quickly, it’s been reported that as of current, Yoon Yuh Jung is leading the poll for “Best Supporting Actress,” exciting fans all around.

Yoon Yuh Jung in “Minari” | A24

According to Hollywood prediction site Gold Derby, Yoon Yuh Jung is predicted to win this year’s “Best Supporting Actress” at the Oscar’s by a landslide. The prediction website created graphs to act as proof for their hypothesis.

The first graph shows the increase in Yoon Yuh Jung’s (blue graph line) potential victory, starting from March 15th and ending on April 20th. The almost 10% increase shows high favor for the Minari actress’s win.

| Gold Derby

This next graph shows Yoon Yuh Jung ranking first out of the 5 actresses nominated for the “Best Supporting Actress” award. If these numbers are accurate, Yoon Yuh Jung is looking at a landslide victory, with 24 of the experts’ votes, 11 of the editors’ votes, and 4491 of the users votes.

Outlined in red by Koreaboo for clarification | Gold Derby

With or without the Oscar, 2021 has been a remarkable year for the veteran actress. Yoon Yuh Jung has been breaking records for not just her numerous nominations but her victories as well. She recently received took home the trophies for “Best Supporting Actress” at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), as well as at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

Yoon Yuh Jung winning “Supporting Actress” at BAFTA’s | BBC

The 93rd Academy Awards is scheduled to broadcast live this Sunday, April 25 at 5:00 PDT. Good luck to all the nominees.

Source: DongA