“Minari” Actress Youn Yuh Jung’s Ex-Husband Puts A Damper On Her Oscar Win With New Interview

Netizens are fed up with his “clout chasing.”

Just one day after Minari actress Youn Yuh Jung‘s monumental Oscar win, her ex-husband’s interview with News1 went live and it is being poorlyreceived.

Actress Youn Yuh Jung with her Oscar | @theacademy/Instagram

Actress Youn Yuh Jung made history last night when she received an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in Minari. She blew everyone away with her incredible acting and seasoned veteran abilities. In the midst of her ongoing celebrations for her victory, however, her former husband has begun to make headlines, once again for his interviews.

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Jo Young Nam, a famous singer and ex-husband to Youn Yuh Jung, has been making headlines for his consistent mention of his former wife in his interviews. On April 26, his interview with News1 went public and during his interview, he mentioned his ex-wife once again.

I received a call from my friend and that’s when I heard about her victory. I was happy for her and celebrated like it was my victory. It’s a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated.

— Jo Young Nam

Singer Jo Young Nam | Yonghap News

Jo Young Nam continued with his interview by touching on the negative response he received from his prior interview.

Everyone thinks that it’s bad that I’m mentioning her name and it’s been received negatively so I’ve been careful. I just wanted to relay my congratulations to her.

— Jo Young Nam

The singer then shared that her Oscar’s win is the best type of revenge towards all cheating men.

This victory is the best type of knock out for all cheating men, the best type of revenge.

— Jo Young Nam

While the singer confessed he was trying to be cautious about mentioning Youn Yuh Jung’s name, Jo Young Nam’s interview was not met with a kind response. Netizens criticized his decision to mention the actress unnecessarily once again.

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  • “Self-awareness meets senility.”
  • “? It’s obvious he’s trying really hard to associate himself with her.”
  • “F**k why is he like that, is he crazy? Is he trying to prove that she was his ex-wife or something? You have a kid just shut up.”
  • “Shut up shut up shut up, shut that mouth up immediately.”
  • “If he was just saying congratulations, it could be brushed over lightly but he goes on and adds unnecessary comments.”
  • “He’s imposing on her to the very end.”
  • “He’s such consistent trash.”
  • “What the hell this f**king psycho.”
  • “Yun Jung-ssem (teacher) is not even responding, but why does he keep doing this, it’s so obnoxious.”
Youn Yuh Jung (left), Jo Young Nam (right) at their wedding | Naver

Jo Young Nam was previously married to Youn Yuh Jung for approximately 12 years before they got a divorce. While the pair have been separated for decades, they have started to make headlines due to the actress’s history-making role in Minari and her Oscar win. In the midst of all of her success, Jo Young Nam has been talking about his ex-wife on his different variety show appearances. He previously made headlines when he talked about his divorce on a show, admitting that they separated due to his infidelity. While he admitted to his wrongdoings, his regret and interview received massive backlash from the public.

Source: News1 and theqoo