Minji’s Picture Goes Viral At A NewJeans Fansign For The Most Unexpected Reason

Netizens are amused by the way the picture was taken.

NewJeans is one of the most popular idol groups in K-Pop right now. So, one member or the other going viral on the internet is nothing new. But this time, a picture of Minji has taken over South Korean blogging forums and news articles for an unprecedented reason.

On February 18, a specific picture of Minji at a NewJeans fansign went viral in Korea, not because of her usual stunning visuals but because of the impeccable zoom quality of the photo. The picture was used in multiple articles that discussed the powerful features of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone hit the market in South Korea on February 17, and the next day, someone posted two photos taken with the device to showcase its sophisticated camera.

| samsung.com

The first photo is without any zoom, showing some sort of an event going on far away as people standing in line look ahead with a few cameras visible in the crowd.

| Naver

The next photo is of Minji talking to fan during the COEX fan event on 17th, presumably taken from the same spot the first photo was taken from. So, the clear shot of Minji’s face was made possible by the 100x zoom technology of the S23 Ultra.

| Naver

Netizens are amazed at the clarity of the photo and praised Samsung for successfully pulling off this feature that many said takes better zoomed-in pictures than a telephoto camera.

| Naver

| Naver

  • “I know how good the iPhones are, but I think Apple fans need to start giving credit where it’s due and acknowledge when good tech like this exists. I’m still using my old S20, and it shocks me every time how far I’m able to zoom in for pictures of the moon.”
  • “No good will ever come out of making fun of Samsung. I’m not saying let’s cover up their crimes, but our economy will tank if they go down.”
  • “Bought a cellphone and ended up with a telescope.”
  • “Wow, this actually gives me goosebumps.”
  • “Wow, that’s awesome.”
Source: Money Today