Minzy Recalls A Hilarious Chat She Had With Sandara Park About A Possible 2NE1 Reunion

Sandara Park is savage.

Former 2NE1 member, Minzy recently appeared on MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners where she spoke up about 2NE1 and the possibility of a reunion ahead of playing the quiz game.

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Minzy debuted back in 2009 through 2NE1 and took the K-Pop world by storm with hit songs such as “I Don’t Care”, “Go Away”, and “I Am The Best” before coming back as a solo artist.

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As legendary as they were, fans have been asking for a reunion for quite some time.

And when asked about her fellow members, Minzy hinted at the possibility of a reunion.

Everyone wants to do something together.

— Minzy

But what Sandara Park had to say about it was absolutely hilarious.

According to Minzy, Sandara Park specified exactly when she wants to reunite in her own savage way.

Sandara Park Unnie said since we may get osteoporosis soon, we should reunite before then.

— Minzy

Minzy also revealed the very honest advice Sandara Park shared in regards to making it far in the quiz game on South Korean Foreigners.

She said you need to be good, but it’s kind of about luck. You have to be lucky to get far.

— Minzy

Check out the full clip below:

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