Minzy Opens up About Her Relationship With 2NE1 Members and Plans to Collaborate

Until it happens, everybody will be waiting.

In light of Minzy‘s recent comeback with “LOVELY”, she recently spoke in an interview about her friendship with fellow 2NE1 members as well as her future plans with them.

When asked about how 2NE1 reacted to her comeback, Minzy shared that they’re always supporting her no matter what.

Whenever I come out with music, my unnie’s cheer me on and ask if they can help with anything. This time, they even sent me photos of themselves streaming it like crazy. Haha, I’m always grateful to them. Dara Unnie told me the song was refreshing and even gave me a challenge.

– Minzy

She continued,

Since it’s hard to see each other during COVID-19, we agreed to do a video chat for our 11th debut anniversary. It was really fun. Whenever we see each other, we get along like family. 2NE1 gives each other strength. Whether we’re together or apart, we all know. We’re like family.

– Minzy

Minzy also expressed her desire to collaborate with her fellow 2NE1 members.

We all want to collaborate musically. Since we’re all coming out solo, we all have our different musical colors, but I want to make it all fit into a collaboration. We’re always talking about how we can get together and do something musically.

– Minzy

Despite her struggles following 2NE1’s disbandment in 2016, Minzy made a comeback with “LOVELY” and displaying a beautiful friendship with her fellow 2NE1 members.

Until 2NE1 graces their fans with a much-anticipated collaboration, here’s hoping it’s smooth sailing for Minzy’s career from his point onward.

Check out Minzy’s new comeback song, “LOVELY” below:

Source: Insight