MIRAE’s Junhyuk Breaks Into Tears After Meeting His Role Model: ATEEZ’s Yunho

He’s really living the fan dream!

On October 3, rookie K-Pop group MIRAE appeared on Idol Radio 3, a radio show usually hosted by K-Pop idols and features other idols as guests and includes conversations, questions, games, and other activities that allow listeners to get to know the featured artists better.

ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong and Yunho are the current hosts of Idol Radio 3, and no one was more excited about being on the show with those two as hosts than MIRAE’s leader Junhyuk.

He has been vocal about Yunho being his role model since he was a trainee, and last year even wrote him a sweet letter after learning that ATEEZ would be on a radio show the following week that MIRAE was on at the time.

Junhyuk (MIRAE) | @lovegame1077/Instagram
Junhyuk’s letter for Yunho | @lovegame1077/Instagram

“To. Yunho sunbaenim
Hello, sunbaenim! It’s MIRAE’s Junhyuk!! I was sad that we didn’t get to personally give you our 1st album, but I realized you made a comeback when we ended promotions for our 2nd album tooㅜㅜ Congratulations so so much on your comeback~!! If we have the chance to meet, I’d really like to give you our album.
Please stay healthy as always, and I love you so so much
I really hope to see you. I really love you ~~MIRAE

Yunho with Junhyuk’s letter | @lovegame1077/Instagram

And now, Junhyuk’s dreams as a fan came true when he got to meet and talk to Yunho in person on Idol Radio 3!

He took every opportunity he could to get close to his senior idol, acting adorably by touching Yunho’s hand during a blindfolded game and getting closer to him for photos.

When he had the opportunity to take a picture together with Yunho and the ATEEZ member told him that Junhyuk’s letter had meant a lot to him, the MIRAE leader couldn’t hold back his tears.

Junhyuk later went on Bubble to talk to fans about how much the interaction meant to him.

It’s so sweet getting to see younger K-Pop idols meet their own role models, and we hope that Yunho and Junhyuk have many more meetings in the future!


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