miss A’s Fei and Min revealed they had no idea Suzy was dating

With the dating news of Suzy and actor Lee Min Ho announced just prior to miss A’s official comeback, one would wonder if the rest of the members had been aware of it.

On April 8th, Fei and Min guested on SBS Cool FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, where they revealed, “We weren’t worried about Suzy’s news negatively impacting our album. We had no idea they were dating. We were so surprised, but she’s the right age to date and we hope she has a beautiful relationship.”

In reaction to their answer regarding Suzy, netizens commented in disbelief as they continue to back up the theory that Min, Fei, and Jia are not close to Suzy.

[+18834, – 546] You don’t look that close..

[+ 13023, – 239] Dispatch found out what the members didn’t even know…scary …Suzy fighting.

[+ 11682, – 813] Since when did you care.

In the same broadcast, Fei revealed that she would like to be paired up with popular actor Won Bin or 2PM‘s Junho on We Got Married when asked by the DJ.

Source: OSEN