Miss Korea 2018 Winner Says She’s Unaffected By Hate Comments, Which Leads To More Hate Comments

“After Honey Lee, the winners are all so-so.”

Miss Korea 2018 recently uploaded a message to her Instagram, not only thanking her fans but also acknowledging the hate she has been getting.

Immediately after winning the competition, Soo Min Kim made her Instagram account private due to malicious comments about her appearance.


Miss Korea 2018 Closed Her Instagram After Receiving Tons Of Hate Messages


She shared in her message that she has always been confident in her healthy appearance, but felt inferior to the other contestants while preparing for the Miss Korea event.

Her parents told her to love herself as she is, and wishes to show the world that being happy and natural is beautiful.

Here is her full message in Korean, translated into English!

“I apologize for saying thanks so late. It took me a week to fully realize that I have become Miss Korea. During that time, I read a lot of comments. There were a lot of supportive messages that I was thankful for and on the other side, negative comments that expressed the opinion that I’m too heavy or not pretty existed as well. But, I like my healthy self the way it is.

While preparing for the Miss Korea competition, I was jealous of the thin contestants and thought they were pretty so I did my best to that standard. At this time, my parents were disappointed at this and told me ‘you should love yourself the way you are.’ I want to show the world my healthy and natural beauty. In the future, I will work hard so all women’s diverse beauty will be acknowledged without judgement. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me love myself the way I am.”

— Soo Min Kim


She also shared a message for her English-speaking fans as well.

“I know I am late but it took me a week to realize that I now represent South Korea as a beauty pageant winner. For this past week, I’ve been getting lots of kind messages and words of support saying it’s okay to be me. I’ve been monitoring the news and comments about me, some saying I’m not pretty enough to represent Korea, some saying I weigh too much compared to past winners. 

I know that there is a long way to go but I want to challenge the perspective that one can only be beautiful if she meets a certain set of standards. I am going to do my best to promote diverse beauty standards and the natural beauty inside every women. 
Thank you again for those special people in my life who have taught me to love myself. 
Thank you✨”

— Soo Min Kim


In spite of Kim Soo Min’s courageous statement, the hateful comments continues to roll in.

  • “It’s not that we’re hating on her, it just seems there wasn’t enough people [to compete]. No matter how I look at her, she doesn’t seem like Miss Korea. Well, people with common sense don’t participate in things like this.” 
  • “She seems to be the only one that thinks like that ㅋㅋㅋ the entire country must have be shocked seeing her body in that blue bikini ㅋㅋ Zero muscle, cellulite, and even a thick waist” 
  • “Average. Honestly, if you walk around Seoul you’ll see girls prettier than the winner”
  • “After Honey Lee, the winners are all so-so. We won’t be able to put our name in for any international competitions” 


That being said, she is also receiving a lot of support from people who think she is beautiful both inside and out.

  • “Your determination to love yourself the way you are is beautiful and so nice to see. Not just your outside appearance, but it seems your inner self is beautiful as well.” 
  • “Why does weight matter? You’re beautiful and so amazing! Congratulations Soo Min.”  
  • “Not pretty? You’re so beautiful. There’s no other natural beauty like this. One could see easily that you are the rightful winner. Fighting!” 


Keep on loving yourself, Soo Min!

Source: Newsen