miss A’s Min and Fei talk about writing lyrics for their new album

Did you know Min and Suzy both took part in the production of miss A’s recent album Colors? On the April 8th broadcast of Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School for SBS Power FM, Min and Fei talked about writing lyrics for their album.

During the episode, Kim Chang Ryeol gave girls time to present their album. Min mentioned, “We came back after one year and five months. The meaning of ‘Colors’ is that there are various types of musical genres embedded in the album. For this album, Suzy and I wrote lyrics for the first time.”

Following, Fei commented, “I was surprised to hear that Suzy wrote the lyrics in two hours,” and Min added, “We had a deadline, but I couldn’t finish it in time. It just wouldn’t pop up. So I had to write it until the next day, but I still couldn’t finish it by then.”

Meanwhile, miss A released their long awaited comeback with their seventh album Colors on March 30th. With their latest comeback track “Only You,” the girls have achieved much success and even made three perfect all-kills.

Source: Newsen