Meet The Hottest Non-Celebrity Man In Korea Currently

The winner of Mister International Korea 2021!

The winner of Mister International Korea is finally out! The competition, which saw many applicants and stiff competition from 34 finalists, has its winner! Meet Han Jeong Wan.

Han Jeong Wan attends Chungju University and is currently 24 in Korea. He’s not just a pretty face, for he studies advertising in school. His body was carefully sculpted from many sessions at the gym! He is reported to be 182cm tall and on the slender side with broad shoulders.

| @teddywanny/Instagram

He owns a cute puppy called Teddy and enjoys surfing and gymming.

| @teddywanny/Instagram

The other winners include Cho Yong Tae and Lee Dong Hun for 2nd place, and Jeong Da Hoon, Lee Jae Ho and Shin Dong Woo for 3rd place. Wild card winners include Lee Jae Hong and Yea Seung Beom.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Source: theqoo