MIXNINE And The Unit Are Almost The Same Show… Except For This Important Difference

The Unit and MIXNINE are two of the most talked about Korean programs among K-Pop fans right now, but viewers have mixed feelings about their differences.

Both shows have a similar format and premise as their goal is to give second chance at a stardom for already debuted but not-so-famous K-Pop idols.

“Our program’s aim is not to generate revenue, but to provide opportunities.”

— Chun Han Kyung, Producer of The Unit


The Unit will create one boy band and one girl band from final contestants on the music survival contest show, who will form a ‘project unit’ for several months after the show to meet fans.

MIXNINE is looking for a similar outcome, except that the boy band and girl band will compete against each other and, in the end, only one team will debut.


The shows have aired 3 episodes each and the two programs are surprisingly different.


The Unit tends to encourage contestants with kind words and a warm welcome, while MIXNINE takes a far more critical and strict approach with its participants.

Source: @zertt_lense

Rain, the main judge and also a host of The Unit, often smiles at the contestants, listens to their stories, and gives them advice coming from his own experience.

Source: @zertt_lense

During auditions, Yang Hyun Suk bluntly criticizes the trainees and gives them his honest, yet brutal review about why they were not successful.


His constructive criticism towards trainees even sparked some controversy for being too harsh.

Netizens furious over YG’s harsh remarks on a female “Mix Nine” contestant

Some are even comparing him to Simon Cowell, a British producer known for his harsh criticism towards talent show contestants.

Some viewers believe that instead of encouraging them to have another shot at the stardom, MIXNINE is focused on dishing out controversial and unnecessary cruelty for the ratings.

With plenty of episodes remaining for each show, fans will have to wait to see how the shows progress from here on.

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