Japanese Musician MIYAVI Is Officially The Best Dad Ever, Introducing His Kid To BTS’s Suga

His “daddy mission” is complete.

MIYAVI is officially the best dad ever!

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MIYAVI (also known as Takamasa Ishihara) is a Japanese guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. He’s famous for his iconic finger-slapping style of playing the guitar.

He’s also a proud and loving dad of three!

Currently, the NBA (National Basketball Association) team Golden State Warriors are in Japan for The 2022 NBA Japan Games. So, the musician attended and met players, such as Bahamian American shooting guard Klay Thompson.

That’s not the only legend he met after the game. BTS‘s Suga was also in attendance, so they were able to meet.

Suga | @agustd/Instagram

And being the awesome dad he is, MIYAVI introduced his kid, Aily, to the idol and took their photo. He also thanked Suga for being so nice to his fans. How sweet!

My daddy mission complete. Thanks for being loving and kind to your fans


| @miyavi_ishihara/Instagram

MIYAVI and his family are ARMYs! He shared a video for Aily’s 13th birthday with “Permission to Dance” as the audio.

Aily even uses a meme of BTS’s Jin as their profile picture on Instagram!

| @leesong_ai/Instagram

MIYAVI’s “daddy mission” is certainly complete. You can’t top introducing your kid to their favorite K-Pop idol. Right? “Best Dad Award” goes to MIYAVI!

Suga is helping dads score all the points with their kids. He also recorded a video for the kids of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. Read more below.

BTS’s Suga Sends Message To Golden State Warriors Star Stephen Curry’s Kids And Is Gifted With Amazing Gift In Return

Source: Wikipedia and miyavi_ishihara

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